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Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve, Subplate Mounting - Series R4R / R4R*P2 - 026-20299-0

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As versatile pilot operated pressure reducing valves for subplate mounting, Parker's series R4R with manual adjustment and series R4R*P2 with proportional solenoid adjustment provide high flow and ensure a constant pressure in the secondary part of the hydraulic system. Independent of the primary pressure, the secondary pressure is reduced to the pressure setting. In order to avoid unintended motion of the actuator, the valves are  normally closed.

Series R4R*P2 has additionally a proportional solenoid operated pilot stage and a cartridge main stage. The optimum performance can be achieved in combination with the digital amplifier module PCD00A-400.

• Industrial

Features /Benefits:
• Wide range of options - suitable for almost every application
• Flexible, versatile mounting in any orientation - makes integration easy
• Normally closed position - avoids unintended actuator motion
• High flow up to 500 l/min in NG32 - optimum efficiency in relation to valve size
• Short delivery time - no warehousing necessary
• Subplate mounting according to ISO 5781
• 3 pressure stages: 105, 210, 350 bar
• R4R*P2: optimally suited to the digital amplifier module PCD00A-400

• Suitable for general hydraulic applications


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