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Replacement Elements - High Pressure Inline Filter 50P Series - 932679Q

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The Parker 50P High Pressure Filter Series allows for each filter to be customized, closely matching any specific system needs. Choose the options which best fit your application. No need to waste money on features you don't need!

The Parker 50P Series High Pressure Filters are base mounted, which provides several possible advantages. The bowl up mounting makes servicing the elements quick and easy. Simply remove the top cover to access the element. A drain port is provided to allow the oil to be removed from filter prior to element servicing. This design reduces the possibility of oil spillage and injury to maintenance personnel.

The Parker 50P Series has optional manifold porting for space saving design that reduces the number of fittings and potential leak points. The porting is also designed to match the installation of many other manufacturers.

The 50PR was designed specifically for hydrostatic transmission loops because of its capability to handle reverse flow. Closed circuit HST's frequently reverse direction causing flow to reverse in the fluid lines. Pressure filters installed between pump and motor must be able to handle reverse flow without having contaminant washed off of the elements and back into the system. Parkers internal check valve design minimizes additional pressure loss and eliminates the cost associated with external valves and fittings.

Using genuine Parker 50P High Pressure Filter Series replacement elements guarantees Parker's quality of filtration. Using aftermarket filters with unknown media quality may save initial cost, but can increase overall costs by requiring more element change outs and potentially causing system downtime. Protect your investment by always buying genuine Parker replacement elements.

Available in Single, Double, and Triple lengths and several micron ratings (2, 5, 10, and 20), these replacement elements ensure the quality of filtration Parker is known for. For ordering, please refer to the “How to Order” section of the literature or contact a Parker Representative.

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